Team Building with The Unseasoned Chef

Competitive or collaborative, outside in the desert or in the auditorium, we can help you create a most unexpected experience for your group!

1 Mystery Box of tantalizing foods
2 Tables of culinary essentials
1 Cup of overflowing team spirit
1 Heaping dose of creativity

Preparation (15 min.)
Gather your teammates
Pick a team name
Survey the culinary possibilities
Plan your menu and assemble your ingredients

Mystery! Box II – Creating on a Budget
Mystery! Box III – Cooking for Charity

Preparation Time: 1 1/2-3 hours

Method (1 hour)
Chop, mix, sauté with passion
Remember to use your time & supplies wisely
Tidy your mess
Prepare to be charming
Present your masterpiece

Teams of Hunters & Gatherers
Good walking shoes
1 Excellent sense of direction
1 Treasure map (no blackberries!)
Adventurous spirits
Good appetites

Preparation (15-30 min.)
Gather your teammates & pick a name
Unroll your treasure map
Plan your route

Preparation Time: 2-5 hours

Method (1-2 hours)
Gather your tools
Hunt for the clues
Find the secrets
Piece together your part of the treasure
Join forces with the competition
Wish for their success
Enjoy the spoils of a successful hunt

Assortment of liquor & mixers
2 Shots of imagination
1 Ounce of collaboration
Condiments for pizazz

Preparation (15-30 min.)
Gather your teammates
PIck a team name
Grab an hors d’oeuvre and feed your brain
Dream up a cocktail and a name

Cocktail Hour II – Includes hors d’oeuvres preparation
Cocktail Hour III – Non-alcoholic Libations

Preparation Time: 1-2 hours

Method (1/2 hour)
Assemble your cocktail ingredients
Have some more brain food
Blend, mix, stir and/or shake
Tidy your mess
Put on your bartending charm
Pour your masterpiece
Garnish as needed