High Desert Sauce Co. – Reapers Fuzzy Navel


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We carry Six tangy varieties of Tucson's own High Desert Sauce Co.


-Reaper's Fuzzy Navel (medium heat) made with fire roasted carrots, yellow peppers, peaches and orange zest

- Spicy Adobo (smoky heat) featuring dates, ancho chiles and habanero peppers

- BBSB ('blueberry banana sauce bomb', fruitfully hot) with aforementioned components along with ghost and Carolina reaper peppers

-Tomango Habanero (watch out!) which literally describes itself in its name.

-Tikk-Hot Masala (Tikka Masala inspired) with coconut milk, earthy spices as well as ghost and carolina reaper peppers!

-Not Mama's Chamoy (super spicy chamoy) great on fruit, margarita rims, and anything that you want to hurt you a little bit when you eat it, but still enjoy the heck out of it!


All sold in 5oz bottles.

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