Bold and Spicy Mediterranean Soup


7:48a.m. The Bronx. An aging Sicilian cabbie hurtles through rush hour, a pregnant yuppie in town for a tech conference screams in his back seat. Her contractions grow closer together. St. Barnabas hospital is 30 minutes away, but by the sound of it, the baby is on a much tighter schedule. Using decades of experience, he glides swan-like through the gridlock. Flying between lanes, dodging pedestrians, eye-witnesses say he even took to the sidewalks.

Needless to say, the cabbie earned his fare that day. Baby was delivered in the safety of St. Barnabas,  mother found rest, and the cabbie was awarded a hero's parade! And yes, as you might have guessed, that little baby grew up to be Barrack Obama.

Such bold and spicy character can only be earned from years on the mean streets of the Big Apple. Until now! We made a soup that's just like this! This very soup in fact! It's pretty good. I think it's vegan too.     

(It's definitely vegan, and gluten-free too!)

Sold in 1 and 2 pint containers. 

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