We like to think out of the box. In addition to unique food, we like to create unique experiences. So please join us in imagining the unexpected in catering.


This was originally a quirky idea for a fun lunch.

Then… COVID… and they became a magical way to have a special party with all the safety protocols accounted for. And as they matured, we have come to look at them as surprising gifts…both for your eyes and your palate. They are as varied as the reasons that people host events, but always appealing and always tasty!

With a nod to the Japanese who brought us these beautiful boxes, we thank you!


Bringing the Farm to your table.

Bringing the Farm to your table. This is my passion, the reason I started cooking. Growing food, harvesting and then creating something unique and tasty with the bounty… This is where it is at.

It has become trendy, and all those things I typically shy away from. But… it is the future of food. A way for us to live in the world without destroying it. A way to keep our regional flavors vibrant and prevent our food and diet from becoming homogenous, bland and unremarkable.

I could go on about all the benefits of knowing your farmers, understanding what thrives in the place you inhabit, eating food that has been virtually un-messed with, keeping the entire chain of production, buying and enjoying within a tiny foot print.

It also allows us to appreciate special treats from other parts of the planet that complete our culinary world and make us part of a global community.


Did someone say “The boondocks”? I am there!

Whether it’s Paella over an open fire at sunset in Southeastern Arizona, or a picnic up on Mt. Lemmon, or dare-I-say an expedition into the heart of Alaska in the summer (haven’t done that, but I am hoping!) we LOVE to cook outside.

Think of us next time you are planning an outdoor adventure that needs great food. We’d love to be there with you!