Neighborhood Market & Catering


Gallery of Food Bodega was born during the Age of Coronavirus as we said goodbye to our lovely Café Botanica at the Tucson Botanical Gardens and began a new journey

 Our New Chapter started as a way to get badly needed food and groceries to our clients and grew into a true Neighborhood Market with groceries, unique arts and gifts, and our hallmark delicious prepared foods.

We’ve added staples, more unique finds from near and not quite as near, and slowly we’ve come into our own.

Through our on-line store you can order all our goodies for pick-up & delivery. Or better yet… Stop by the Bodega and shop in-person. We look forward to seeing everyone!

We are offering Locally Grown Produce and Meats, Locally-made Preserves and Condiments, Prepared Foods a la Gallery of Food tradition, and Local Artists’ wares… cards, tiles, kitchen pottery, prints, small sculptures & originals.