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A camaraderie-infused concoction topped with a dollop of fun



1 Mystery Box of tantalizing foods

2 Tables of culinary essentials

1 Cup of overflowing team spirit

1 Heaping dose of creativity


Preparation (15 min.)

Gather your teammates

Pick a team name

Survey the culinary possibilities

Plan your menu and assemble your ingredients



Mystery! Box II - Creating on a Budget

Mystery! Box III - Cooking for Charity

Mystery Box Cooking Competition

Preparation Time: 1 1/2-3 hours


Method (1 hour)

Chop, mix, sauté with passion

Remember to use your time & supplies wisely

Tidy your mess

Prepare to be charming

Present your masterpiece

A tantalizing adventure pairing full-flavored imaginations with a garnish of amusement



Teams of Hunters & Gatherers

Good walking shoes

1 Excellent sense of direction

1 Treasure map (no blackberries!)

Adventurous spirits

Good appetites


Preparation (15-30 min.)

Gather your teammates & pick a name

Unroll your treasure map

Plan your route

Scavenger Hunt

Preparation Time: 2-5 hours


Method (1-2 hours)

Gather your tools

Hunt for the clues

Find the secrets

Piece together your part of the treasure

Join forces with the competition

Wish for their success

Enjoy the spoils of a successful hunt

An inspired mix of spirits shaken with zest & served with a splash of whimsy



Assortment of liquor & mixers

2 Shots of imagination

1 Ounce of collaboration

Condiments for pizazz


Preparation (15-30 min.)

Gather your teammates

PIck a team name

Grab an hors d'oeuvre and feed your brain

Dream up a cocktail and a name



Cocktail Hour II - Includes hors d'oeuvres preparation

Cocktail Hour III - Non-alcoholic Libations

Cocktail Hour

(some restrictions apply…of course)

Preparation Time: 1-2 hours


Method (1/2 hour)

Assemble your cocktail ingredients

Have some more brain food

Blend, mix, stir and/or shake

Tidy your mess

Put on your bartending charm

Pour your masterpiece

Garnish as needed

The Unseasoned Chef is put on by the staff and chefs at Gallery of Food.  It can be a teambuilding event, a class, a competition or just some fun with friends at a party.


No need for cooking experience.  An apron is usually advisable.  A sense of adventure is required.


We customize our events to complement your project.  This is a great competition for corporate teambuilding projects, but we can also turn it into a friendly game for private parties.  Right now we offer three different events as well as traditional classes:

For More Information or to schedule an event:


Contact Gallery of Food


By phone at 520-884-5033

By e-mail at Kristine@GalleryofFood.com

By snail mail at P.O. Box 2575 Tucson, AZ 85702


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What is The Unseasoned Chef ?