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Temple Cafe

Dinner at the Temple
Gallery of Food presents Dinner before "Talley's Folly"
an updated version of 1940's Americana

Gallery Relish Platter --Served at your table
Savory Golden Flan with Oregano Crisps
Mixed Olives and Lemon Artichoke Hearts
Sweet Marinated Red Button Peppers with Chevre

The Main Course
Fresh River Trout with Caramelized Apple and Rosemary

Slow-Roasted Beef Brisket with Tomatoes, Onions and Carrots

Gallery Succotash with Corn, Edamame and Sweet Peppers

Small Baked New Potatoes with all the fixing's
Creme Fraiche, Plugra Butter, Fresh Chives and Bacon

Cream of Butternut Squash Soup

Romaine Hearts, Ripe Tomato Wedges, Hard Boiled Eggs
drizzled with our Goddess Dressing
House-baked Breads and Corn Bread with Sweet Butter

  Our café is situated in the heart of downtown Tucson at the Temple of Music and Art. Gallery of Food offers a fabulous dinner buffet prior to Arizona Theater Company performances. Our dinner menu changes with each play and is inspired by the themes and foods suggested by the play.

Evening seating begins two hours prior to show time. $19.95 per person includes a buffet of scrumptious appetizers and dinner. For lighter fare, try our lunch in the Courtyard prior to Matinee performances.
Dinner reservations strongly recommended: 884-5033.
Ticket information at ATC Box Office: (520) 622-2823 or www.arizonatheatre.org.

Join Gallery of Food for our 4th season at the Temple Café. We look forward to great performances and fabulous food!

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